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 I have used Jill Hogan’s Pet Service for the past three years.  Jill is the owner and primary pet care giver.  I am continually impressed with her high level of professionalism as a pet service provider.


Jill has watched my dog, Tusker (Australian Cattle Mix), for the past three years.  Tusker loves Jill.  When Jill comes to the house Tusker’s entire back end wiggles more than any human could wiggle!!!  I have a real peace of mind leaving my home and dog in the trust of this service.


My dog loves his morning and afternoon walks and loves his trips to the dog park.  Jill willingly takes him to the park just to have some fun!


What a great comfort I have to know someone I can trust is taking care of things.  I have recommended Jill to many of my neighbors and they have been very satisfied with Jill’s services also.

I would highly recommend Jill’s Pet Service business to anyone that needs good reliable pet care – either overnight or daily walks.  She has a passion for our pets and loves them as much as we do.  My pooch is always happy and healthy when I get back from a trip.                               

- Theresa

Our family has known Jill for over two years.  She has worked for us as a dog walker/sitter.  Jill has always been reliable and dependable for us.  When we are out of the country and she is in charge of the household, Jill handled any household emergencies during her stay with efficiency and dependability.

In addition, our dogs love her and she is very good and kind to them.  I believe Jill is an asset.           


Chandler has some health concerns in his old age.  I trust Jill in caring for him, especially with her background as a Vet Tech and the number of animals she has cared for.  She has cared for Chandler for three years.

Chandler always gets excited when she comes to our home.  She truly means it when she says that your pet can stay on their regular routine.  Chandler is no longer able to take long walks, so he gets his exercise in the pool.  He does need us in the pool with him to assure that he is able to get out safely.  Jill swims with him to make sure he gets his exercise every day.

I will continue to use Jill Hogan's Pet Sitting and recommend her to other pet owners, especially for those pets with special needs.           
- Susan

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